Michael Palmer, DMD

Contributing Editors
Nancy E. Hartrick, DDS
Jean Allen Martin, DDS

Book Committee
Tony Cascino, DDS
Bryce Chandler, DDS
Matt Falkenstein, DDS
Nancy E. Hartrick, DDS
Ken Hovden, DDS
Jamie LaViola, DDS
Ken LeVos, DDS
Jean Allen Martin, DDS
Doug McMaster, DDS
Andrew Mogelof, DDS
Michael Palmer, DMD (Chairman)
Sam Romano, DMD
Scott Rice, DDS, MBA
Deb Schwartz, DDS

All the photography within this book was graciously donated by graduates of the Kois Center who have the same passion for beautiful photography as they do for their profession.

Mark Benavides, DDS
Pat C. Beug, DDS
Dave Brown, DMD
Lloyd Fujimoto, DDS
Chris Mei, DDS
Michael Palmer, DMD

Rob Warnick

The committee would like to extend its warm appreciation for the support given by the staff members at the Kois Center.

The concept of the coffee table book was developed by Dr. Sam Romano and his wife Terry.

The committee would like to thank Dr. John Kois for his relentless pursuit of excellence and his undying devotion to the education of dentists throughout the world.