Proper diagnosis and treatment planning are essential for the success of any case. Your first visit is geared toward gathering the necessary information needed to formulate a successful outcome.
This exam may include:

  • Taking X-rays and records.
  • Doing dental charting.
  • Discussing your personal concerns.

The following appointment will provide you with a customized treatment plan. Subsequent appointments are scheduled according to the specific procedures needed.

Bring With You
You can speed up your first appointment by coming prepared by bringing your medical and dental history with you. We have our forms online for you to fill out and bring with you on your first visit. Save time by filling them out now. You can register and fill them out here: Paperwork.

For Your Comfort
We want your visit with us to be a pleasant experience. Our office was created with patient comfort in mind. Each patient room is brightened by large windows and offers audio visual features designed to take your mind off the dental procedure.

Treating “Anxious” Patients
Some patients experience anxiety before and during dental treatment. Our office can provide a variety of calming procedures to make your visit as comfortable as possible.