Many of our patients do not have dental insurance. That’s no reason not to save money on standard dental services. Through the Dental Health Savings Program, Palmer Dentistry gives patients without dental insurance the opportunity to save 25 percent on the cost of a roster of standard services. You pay one up-front fee for 12 months of enrollment. There are no maximums, no waiting periods, no exclusions, no deductibles, and no red tape. The program includes:

  • Two complete professional “6 month” cleaning (not including periodontal treatment).
  • Two complete exams (new patient or periodic) by doctor during the hygiene visits.
  • One complete annual required X-ray series (Bitewings and Panorex as needed).
  • Two fluoride varnish applications in office.
  • Two limited exams (emergency exam).

Enrollees also receive further discounts on many additional services.

For pricing and more details on the Dental Health Savings Program, including how to enroll, call us at (859) 344-1185.

Dental Health Savings Program FAQ

Can I enroll in the Dental Health Savings Program and have dental insurance?
No. This plan is for use by patients who do not have the benefit of dental insurance.

Can the Dental Health Savings Program be used with coupons, discounts, or special offers?
No. Given the large discount available to each enrollee, no additional discounts are available.

Can I enroll in the Dental Health Savings Program the day services are rendered and have the discounts apply?
Yes. So long as enrollment and payment are complete while in office, any applicable discounts are available. This program cannot be used or combined with any services provided prior to the date of initial sign-up.

Are there any deductibles, co-pays, or maximums with the Dental Health Savings Program?
The Dental Health Program does not have a deductible or yearly maximum. All preventative services listed on the enrollment document are included in the annual fee. In addition, members will receive a discount on all additional treatment provided during membership.

How long are Dental Health Savings Program benefits available?
Program benefits begin on the day payment is received and expire one year later. New programs begin on the date renewal payment is received. No credit will be given on other services if any part of the program items are not used within a year of purchase.

Can the Dental Health Savings Program benefits be “shared” or “given” to someone else?
No. Benefits can be used only by the enrolled member. However, you can purchase a Dental Health Savings Program enrollment as a gift, and benefits will begin on the date of the recipient’s first office visit.

Are Dental Health Savings Program benefits available to me when referred to a specialist or other office?
No. All services included in this plan must be completed in our office. Any services provided outside our office are your responsibility and are not subject to this health program.

Cancellation notice

We require a 24 hour cancellation notice on any scheduled appointments. Appointments cancelled without required notice will count as your appointment under the savings program and will be deducted from your program services.