How Long Will This Last?

What comes to mind when you hear that something is built to last? Maybe it is the Pyramids where huge stone blocks have endured the hot desert winds for 5,000 years, or perhaps you think of the finely honed walls at Machu Picchu— still standing after 600 years. Both of these famous landmarks were painstakingly constructed by people whose goal was perfection and longevity. They were carefully hand-built using the best tools available at the time in combination with traditional craftsmanship.

How long should my dental work last? While the durability of your dental work is influenced by your individual risk for dental disease in each of the four dental risk groups, your dentistry will last longest and have a much better prognosis when it is expertly created using the finest dental materials.

Your dentist learned these same timeless fundamentals at the Kois Center and employs them to design and craft your dentistry. They have learned techniques to create restorations that will perform for a long time and serve you well. These are restorations that are esthetically pleasing and function in a natural, comfortable manner. Since nothing lasts forever, they have planned ahead for the time when a repair may be needed so you can continue to smile and function for many years.

This is dentistry that is predictably long-lasting—clearly built to last.