Not Guilty As Charged!

Have you ever felt a twinge of guilt when the dental hygienist asked about your flossing habits? Do you hesitate to make a dental appointment because you will have to admit how long it has been since your last cleaning? These twinges of guilt can be greatly magnified if you believe that your mouth is unhealthy or your smile unattractive— and it is YOUR fault. But the surprising truth for many is that fault and guilt have simply nothing to do with your oral health.

Some people have spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars caring for their teeth throughout their lifetime, yet continue to experience new areas of decay, gum disease, or teeth that break and wear—seemingly no matter what they do. Often these people are embarrassed to seek help because they believe that the condition of their mouth is purely their own fault. Sadly, they may even describe their mouth as “hopeless.”

Your Kois-trained dentist understands that gaining or maintaining oral health depends on more than just daily flossing. They are concerned about risk because science tells us that your resistance to getting a cavity or losing the support around your teeth is specifically related to both your ability to fight disease and to the type of bacteria that inhabit your mouth. Your dentist also knows that bite and jaw problems occur when the muscles and joint cannot adapt to imperfections in the way you chew. Some of these tendencies are determined by your genetic makeup, and some start when you are an infant. Your risk for dental problems begins even before your first birthday!

If you are one of those embarrassed people, hesitant to seek dental care, please let go of any guilt and understand that your Kois-trained dentist will not judge you. They will thoroughly learn about your current oral conditions, determine your susceptibility to future breakdown and discuss a plan to help you successfully achieve and maintain a healthy attractive smile.