Moving Forward.

This book was written to provide information about a special dental practice: the practice of a Kois- trained dentist. And it was written for you, the dental consumer, so you can become familiar with the concepts that your dentist will use to address your dental concerns.

Your dentist will gather all the necessary information to determine what treatment choices you may have. They will show you how the different risk groups fit together and influence each other in your mouth. You will see where your mouth is in the red risk zone and be offered strategies that move each category towards the green, or lower, risk.

No two mouths are identical. Each has unique needs and unique risks for dental disease. Thanks to their training, this dentist has the skill to understand what you need. They will develop a plan for your mouth: a plan that will fit together well, improve your oral health and lessen your risk for future dental problems.

A plan, from start to finish, that is defined by excellence.